2015 Year In Review

So, a couple of notes.  I like to look back on art I’ve experienced every year; I enjoy looking, not at art released that year, though that’s also fun, but on art I’ve experienced in a year.  I just use the plain calendar year January to December, which has caused some confusion.  But I’m talking about the year I personally experienced in art; it’ll include a lot of 2015 releases and a lot of non-2015 releases.  I have four categories: Books, Film, Television, Music and a series of categories in each of those: writers, actors, directors, vocalists, musicians, movies, books, episodes, albums, etc. 

Why do I do this?  People have accused me of bragging or something (!).  Hardly.  The number of movies I see in a year isn’t anything to brag about; any person reading this might have seen more.  Going to the movies isn’t a skill; it’s something anyone can do.  It’s no great accomplishment.  No, I do this because I love to talk about art; I love to write; and I love to recommend the things I love.  This is the perfect trifecta: I’m telling you about art that I love and hopefully exposing you to something new.  You can’t talk about the great art enough.  If a book is great, I’ll take whatever opportunity I can to tell you to read it.  That’s what this thread is.  I’m just taking my yearly opportunity. 


          Best Writing, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Writing)

          Best Writing, Top Ten

          Best Female Character, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Female Character)

          Best Female Character, Top Ten

          Best Male Character, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Male Character)

          Best Male Character, Top Ten


         Best Directing, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Directing)

         Best Directing, Top Ten

         Best Female Performance, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Female Performance)

         Best Female Performance, Top Ten

         Best Male Performance, Honorable Mentions (Bonus: Worst Male Performance)

         Best Male Performance, Top Ten


         Best Instrumentalist, Honorable Mentions

         Best Instrumentalist, Top Ten

         Best Male Vocals, Honorable Mentions

         Best Male Vocals, Top Ten

         Best Female Vocals, Top Five

         Best Album, Honorable Mentions


          Best Female Performance, Honorable Mentions

          Best Female Performance, Top Ten

          Best Male Performance, Honorable Mentions

          Best Male Performance, Top Ten