Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was one of the authors that introduced me to reading as an enjoyable pursuit.  I read her books all through high school, but then fell away during college and have only lately started to consider returning to her wonderful world of mystery and humor.

To that end, here is this page, in which I will list everything Christie related I can find, from her own novels to radio, television and movie adaptations of her stories.  I hope to plunge myself into her world and find myself just as blown away as I was all those long years ago.  I hope you'll join me.



The Body in the Library

Five Little Pigs

The Moving Finger



A Murder is Announced

Three Blind Mice & Other Stories

Fireside Theatre

     The Golden Ball/Just Three Words

Kraft Theatre

     Murder on the Nile


     Witness for the Prosecution

Nash Airflyte Theatre

     The Case of the Missing Lady



After the Funeral

A Pocket Full of Rye

Witness for the Prosecution

Lux Video Theatre

     Witness for the Prosecution

Partners in Crime



Tayna Chyornykh Drozdov

The Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime

     The Affair of the Pink Pearl

     Finessing the King

     The House of Lurking Death

     The Sunningdale Mystery

     The Clergyman's Daughter

     The Ambassador's Boots

     The Unbreakable Alibi

     The Man in the Mist

     The Case of the Missing Lady

     The Crackler

A Caribbean Mystery

Sparkling Cyanide


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