Travel Experiences

Travel Experiences

In a world where just about anything is deliverable, there are still great experiences to be had no other way than by getting out of your house and on the road.  Yes, one can get virtual tours of the great museums, but this isn't a substitute for standing before the great masterworks.  Yes, one can get a lot of great food delivered in, but this doesn't replace finding some of the truly great dishes.  Yes, high quality images and videos taken at historic and majestic locations all across the world can be found quite easily on the internet, but this doesn't replace the experience of actually traveling to these places and experiencing them first hand.  

Herewith, a page dedicated to write-ups of experiences I've had while traveling.  I'm starting close to home and expanding out, at least as we begin, using a few different books, like 500 Things to Eat Before Its Too Late and 1001 Places in the U.S. & Canada to See Before You Die.  These books, along with others that I'll mention as I use them, will form a sort of roadmap for me.  Also, all these books being as ridiculous as they are, there's no way I'll get anywhere close to completion.  But what fun I'll have giving it a shot. 



Catfish - White River Restaurant & Fish Market (Tulsa, OK)



Double Cheeseburger with Onions - Claud's Hamburgers (Tulsa, OK)


Watch this page for more updates, coming soon!