Je n'aime pas dans les vieux films américains quand les conducteurs ne regardent pas la route. Et de ratage en ratage, on s'habitue à ne jamais dépasser le stade du brouillon. La vie n'est que l'interminable répétition d'une représentation qui n'aura jamais lieu.

Star Wars Expanded Universe Chronology: Chronicles of the Old Republic: A Golden Age!

Chronicles of the Old Republic: A Golden Age

5,000 BBY

*Alright, as we press on, we end up taking a look at the Chronicles of the Old Republic.  Now, I hadn’t even heard of this project until I found DinoJim’s timeline.  It’s a short background sketch of the history of the Sith that was originally written as background material for KOTOR II. 

*The original website where these little summaries were hosted has gone the way of the dodo, but you can still find them.  Actually . . . and I don’t like bootleg stuff, you know, but the official website was originally intended to be read for free anyway, so you can find the entire project at the link above.  Some dude managed to archive the whole thing and posted it on the forums over at Neoseeker.  They may also be available elsewhere.  Probably are, as a matter of fact, being as short as they are, but that’s the one I found most easily, so it’s the one I linked to.    

*Seriously, go read the section we’ll be talking about today.  It’s three frigging paragraphs.  It’ll take you two minutes and then you can actually talk intelligently and specifically about it. 

*Not that there’s much to actually talk about . . .

*Oh, I should note that this doesn’t appear on Wookieepedia’s Timeline of Media, but this is the moment when it appears on DinoJim’s timeline, so I’m putting it in here.  I should also note that DinoJim’s timeline refers to the project as The Sith Lords Chronicles, so there may be some confusion if you go check out his timeline.  But Wookieepedia, which does have an article about the project, refers to it as Chronicles of the Old Republic and it seems that’s the accepted title, given, for instance, the website I linked to above.  Not sure if it was originally called The Sith Lords Chronicles or where DinoJim got that name, but I have defaulted to the official title as given by Wookieepedia. 

*We’re talking about the first one here, A Golden Age.  Now, what we have here are Cliff Notes.  Even more so than the video we talked about last time.  Way more so, actually.  They cover the events of The Golden Age of the Sith and The Fall of the Sith Empire in three paragraphs.  That is not a lot of time.

*Only one real comment about the text itself.  It refers to the fight Sadow and Kressh have at Ragnos’ funeral as a “bloody duel.”  That’s overstating a bit.  I mean, they both waved their swords around a bit.  I’m not sure anybody even got hurt. 

*Well, what is there to say?  I mean, quite clearly there are no new insights here.  However, the story makes more sense flown over at thirty thousand feet. 

*I don’t know how to rank this . . .

*CANONICAL STATUS: While it features some textual corruptions due to the longer works that preceded it, this brief summary is fairly accurate to the details of the Great Hyperspace War.  Since those events, however, are covered much more deeply and accurately in the holojournal of Master Gnost-Dural, this work is NOT RECOMMENDED as a historical resource. 

0 out of **** stars.

*So, at this point, I would typically be crediting the main author, but this is the second entry in a row, after the video from last time, that doesn’t have a credited author on Wookieepedia.  That’s interesting.  I mean, even if it was just some low-level tech or something that banged these out in hour, I’d say he or she still deserves some credit.  Oh, well. 

*Next time, it’s a new medium: audio!  Join me next time as we hit up an audio drama called Parallels: Kiran!  Ever heard of it?  I certainly hadn’t.  Find out why, next time.

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